ER-140 SUMMUTE: 8 channel Muting/Summing Unit

€ 170

The ARREL Audio ER-140 SUMMUTE Muting Summing Unit has been conceived to offer to the EURORACK Synthesizer technology the superior audio performance of the ARREL audio professional products. The ER-140 is characterized by high reliability, rugged design, outstanding audio quality, versatility and ease of use typical of the tradition of ARREL Audio products.

ER-140 is a passive muting unit working on 8 channels, red/green leds indicates the on/off muting, the push buttons are high quality devices used for our professional audio products. The muting circuit is passive so you can mute both audio signals and control voltages (CV).

Moreover the ER-140 SUMMUTE works as a DC coupled audio summing unit on blocks of 4 channels. Being the summing circuits DC coupled, both CV and audio signal can be summed.

Channel 1 through 4 can be summed into the SUM 1-4 output, the same for the block including channel 5-8. Every summing block is equipped with an output gain in the range (-70 dB, +10 dB) and a peak led.

Due the variable amplification of the summing unit and to the DC coupling, the ER-140 can be used as a C.V. translator.

The peak led start to be active when the signal is about 3 dB below the maximum output signal level.

Number of Channels: 8
Power Supply Eurorack Standard
Power Consumption +12 VDC 80 mA, -12 VDC 20 mA
Input Unbalanced, Level 0 dBu max +20 dBu Impedance > 5 KΩ
Output Unbalanced,
Bandwidth 5 - 60.000 Hz -1dB, perfect square wave up to 20 KHz
Distortion + Noise <0.003% ( typical 0.001%).
Front Panel Controls Mute push button Sum gain control knobs
Front Panel Connectors 8 x 3.5 mm jack for the input, 8 x 3.5 mm jack for the output, 2 x 3.5 mm jack for the sum out channels 1-4, 5-8
Front Panel Indicators PEAK LED
Rear Panel Connectors Eurorack power supply connector
Construction 8U TE Units (40.32mm)
Dimensions W 40.32 mm, H 128 mm
Weight 100 g

    ER-140 Key-Technologies


    Large Bandwidth (LB) means a very fast transient response able to represent the original sound with the maximum temporal resolution. LB is required to improve the perception of a “real sound” and to represent the details of the original sound.

    Large bandwidth plus very low total harmonic distortion means a perfect square wave reproduction.

    Ultra Low Noise (ULN) active and passive components and ULN design techniques. This requirement is especially important when the audio bandwidth is large as in the case of ARREL Audio products.

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) means that the saturation probability of the output stages is very low. This is obtained by using a step up transformer in the output stage.

    Electro-mechanical tolerance means that electromechanical components are doubled in every situation in which maximum reliability it is important due to a frequent use (switches, push buttons, potentiometers).

    Through Hole technology means the maximum reliability in terms of thermal and mechanical stresses especially for connectors and electromechanical components.