ER-150-EXT: Extender Module for ER-150

€ 70

The ARREL Audio ER-150-EXT is the extender module for the ER-150 HERCULES power supply. By using this module the ER-150 unit can be extended to power supply an additional rack.

The ER-150-EXT is connected to the ER-150 by using a special low voltage drop cable (ER-150-EXT-CAB).

Three leds indicate the presence of the corresponding voltage.

The ER-150-EXT price includes the extension cable (ER-150-EXT-CAB).

Front Panel Input Connectors Power DIN power bus connector, 2.1 mm DC connector
Construction 5U TE Units (25.02mm)
Dimensions W 25.02 mm, H 128 mm
Weight 100 g