ER-160: Compact Power Supply Unit

€ 190

The ARREL Audio ER-160 POWER SUPPLY unit has been conceived to offer to the EURORACK Synthesizer technology the best power supply ever made to obtain the best audio performance. The ER-160 is a very compact power supply able to generate the standard EURORACK power supply voltages (stabilized) at very high peak currents and low ripple (+12 V 3.0 A, -12 V 1.25 A, +5 V 1A).

The power supply is powered by a standard 60W +15 V high quality AC-DC converter (P1I connector, 2.1 mm). The ER-160 is characterized by two protection strategies: output current limit and overtemperature shutdown. Three leds indicate the presence of the corresponding voltage. We do not use bulky power ON/OFF switches on the front panel. The ON/OFF function has been implemented by a push button and a high power relay.

The ER-160 is equipped with two connectors for the connection of two separate power bus boards (ER-STRIP)

The Power brick and the power strip (ER-STRIP) are not included and should be ordered separately.

Power Supply Voltages and Currents: Stabilized Voltages, ER-160 MAXIMUM PEAK CURRENT : +12 V 3.0 A , -12 V, 1.25 A, +5 V 1 A/td> ER-160 MAXIMUM CONTINUOUS CURRENT +12 V 2.1 A -12 V 1.1 A +5 V see NOTE below
Protections output current limit and overtemperature shutdown.
Front Panel Controls ON-OFF push button relay controlled
Front Panel Input Connectors Power DIN power bus connector, P1I female connector (2.1 mm) DC connector
Output Internal Connectors Two 16 pin headers for the connection to the power bus boards (ER-STRIP)
Construction 5U TE Units (25.02mm)
Dimensions W 25.02 mm, H 128 mm
Weight 150 g
NOTE: the above specifications are related to an ambient temperature of 25 Celsius degrees. Derating must be applied in case of higher ambient temperature. In order to respect this specifications, the ARREL AUDIO power supply modules must be mounted in well vented Eurorack cases and should be mounted not near the case sides (minimum distance 5 mm) in order to permit air flow. The ARREL AUDIO power supply modules should be mounted far from temperature sensitive modules.